Company Info

Founded in 1973 by owner and president Baxter G. Simpson, Apple Tree has built its reputation on performance. More than half our business is from repeat clients.On every project, regardless of size or price, we dedicate ourselves to the customer’s total satisfaction and the successful and timely completion of the job by adhering to the highest principles of construction quality, economy, speed, safety and innovation.

Quality:  By partnering with Butler Manufacturing and other top-notch suppliers, vendors and subcontractors, Apple Tree produces the finest possible construction.

Economy:  By properly managing people and resources, Apple Tree completes projects within budget and controls waste.

Speed:  With efficient management and scheduling, Apple Tree achieves maximum productivity in the shortest amount of time.

Safety:  By training employees and implementing rigid safety standards, Apple Tree prevents injuries and accidents.

Innovation:  By encouraging and seeking new ideas, techniques, equipment and materials, Apple Tree better serves the needs of the client and provides value-added design and construction.